What activities can a child with alchol snydrome do?

Answer Answer If the legal age of consent in your state/country is more than 15years of age, then it is unlawful sexual intercourse and this is a criminal offence. Your age can mitigate the response of th... Read More »

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Did Burt Lancaster have a child with special needs or alchol fetal syndrome?

Have your parents complain to the principle. It works. Trust me. That's how I got out.

Is there anywhere you can drink alchol at 18?

How much alchol would you have to drink to pass out?

According to the average BAC statistics for a "typical" 150 pound male, it would take a BAC of 0.30 or 12 standard drinks* per hour. This is the person tends to black out, or loses consciousness. A... Read More »

How to bring alchol to a party?

You pretty much have to either hold onto it or accept that other people are going to drink at least some of it. Just avoid parties where everybody is a moocher that shows up empty-handed.