What actions were taken against ESPN in declaring monopoly?

Answer 911

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What actions are taken if you are charged with child neglect?

Ask a counselor at school about resources for people in your situation. Or, you can call the local city/county offices until you find a way to do this. There are people who can help you, but you ha... Read More »

What are US actions against the Irish Republican Army?

No military actions. The US has extradited persons wanted for activities committed in association with both Republican and Loyalist paramilitaries to the United Kingdom, and required NORAID to regi... Read More »

What actions need to be taken to prove that a mother is unfit?

I would think you would need to prove it in court. Whatever area you think they are unfit, you will need physical proof, not just hearsay, for example: drug addiction, mental illness, sexual abuse,... Read More »

In California what actions could the family take against a pregnant 16-year-old and her boyfriend?

Answer They can kick you out. They can legal sue the boyfriend if he is overage. They can force you to give the child up. The best thing you can do is think hard if you are ready to be parents and... Read More »