What actions need to be taken to prove that a mother is unfit?

Answer I would think you would need to prove it in court. Whatever area you think they are unfit, you will need physical proof, not just hearsay, for example: drug addiction, mental illness, sexual abuse,... Read More »

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How can a father prove the mother unfit of the infant child?

That one is difficult..... It really depends on the state you live in. My best advise to you is to document everything : dates, times, places, of any type of neglect or abuse!!!!! Don't forget, if ... Read More »

How can you prove a father to be unfit?

Through the preponderance of accurate and TRUE evidence. If there's is a justifiable reason for this, the judge will see it. But, even a bad dad is better than no father at all, even if it requir... Read More »

How do you prove a father unfit?

Answer If he truly is unfit, then list instances where he has abused the children or is unable to take care of them. If you are just trying to get custody and need to lie in order to do that, then... Read More »

What evidence do you need to present in a divorce case to prove a parent is unfit to care for the children?

Answer If she's truly unfit, you should have some evidence, such as phone calls, emails or witnesses. But remember, the primary consideration in a divorce is your children, not yourselves. You m... Read More »