What acid makes Coke fizz?

Answer In the process of manufacturing soda, carbon dioxide gas molecules are forced into the bottle or can. The gas dissolves in the soda, with as much as 1,200 pounds per square inch of pressure, formin... Read More »

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Why does Coke fizz?

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of drinking a Coca-Cola soda is the "fizz"---the bubbles that give the soda commonly known as Coke its effervescent quality. A combination of bottling proces... Read More »

How to Make Coke Zero Fizz Without Mentos?

This is a fun way to prank your friends or make a cool chemical reaction!

Does Cherry Coke Make Mentos Fizz?

Once people have realized that adding Mentos to Diet Coke produces an amusing geyser of soda, the next task is always to figure out what other beverages will produce a similar reaction. ... Read More »

What is in Mentos that makes soda fizz up?

The three contributing factors to an explosive reaction between the Mentos candy and diet soda are the rough texture of the candy, gum arabic in the candy and the aspartame sweetener in diet cola. ... Read More »