What accounting term is used to define cash lost from a withdrawal?

Answer According to the New York State Society of Certified Professional Accountants, the term used to describe cash lost from a withdrawal is bank reconciliation. This term is used to explain why the amo... Read More »

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Change in Accounting From Accrual to Cash Method?

Accrual accounting and cash basis are the two most common accounting methods businesses use today. Each method has a specific purpose and set of guidelines companies must follow. Cash basis account... Read More »

What Type of Data Is Used From the Balance Sheet to Create the Statement of Cash Flow?

Financial managers use various balance sheet accounts to prepare a statement of cash flow, also known as a liquidity report or cash flow statement. Before listing these accounts, it's important to ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the term accounting system?

Accounting systems are the primary data collection areas for many companies in today's business climate. Both financial and nonfinancial data may be stored and organized in the company's accounting... Read More »