What would you name triplets IF... {and BQ}?

Answer 1 -- Lily, Ruby, and Scarlet! hah, just kidding. I would really name them Azalea (Lea), Emerald (Emme/Emmy), and Cyan (sigh-ANNE)2 -- Henry Callum, Harry Clark, and Hadrian Cruz (after one of my be... Read More »

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What would you name Triplets if... ♥?

Rhyme: 2b/1 g: Gray Maddox, Trey Oliver & Shae Madison2g/1b. Grae Emmalyn, Trey Oliver & Shae Madison3 g: Mae Olivia, Grae Madison & Shae Grace3: Gray Maddox, Trey Oliver & Shay MichaelA:3 girls: A... Read More »


What would I do if I had triplets? I have a set of triplets, they are almost 20 months. Get sleep when you can, try to get them on the same schedule, be sure to write everything down so you know ... Read More »

What would you name triplets?

Girl 1 ♥ Hazel MadeleineGirl 2 ♥ Charlie AlexisBoy 1 ♥ Jasper ColeHaze, Charlie, and Jace : )


Q{1} You just found out you're having triplets, how do you feel and react?Briefly consider abortion before stamping the idea out of existence. Fear will not crush my dreams of a family that I am mo... Read More »