What are triplets?

Answer triplets are when there is 3 babies out of one uterusOr if you are asking in terms of ballet a triplet is a move where there are three counts on which you move to the left or right side with opposi... Read More »

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Q{1} You just found out you're having triplets, how do you feel and react?Briefly consider abortion before stamping the idea out of existence. Fear will not crush my dreams of a family that I am mo... Read More »

What would you name Triplets if... ♥?

Rhyme: 2b/1 g: Gray Maddox, Trey Oliver & Shae Madison2g/1b. Grae Emmalyn, Trey Oliver & Shae Madison3 g: Mae Olivia, Grae Madison & Shae Grace3: Gray Maddox, Trey Oliver & Shay MichaelA:3 girls: A... Read More »

What would you name triplets IF... {and BQ}?

1 -- Lily, Ruby, and Scarlet! hah, just kidding. I would really name them Azalea (Lea), Emerald (Emme/Emmy), and Cyan (sigh-ANNE)2 -- Henry Callum, Harry Clark, and Hadrian Cruz (after one of my be... Read More »

What would you name triplets if....?

B/B/BAdam WilliamAlexander ThomasAiden LucasG/G/GBriar Rose Charlotte LilacDelaney HeatherB/B/GElijah ChaseElliot BrooksAria BelleG/G/B (countries or cities? You listed cities, so I'll do those)Ade... Read More »