On Days Of Our Lives: Do you think the rumor about Mia?

Answer It could very well happen.At DiMeraDays, one of the spoiler posters has said that Mia's being the child of Bo & Carly is what caused lawrence Alamain's being stabbed by his wife. She went on to say... Read More »

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Is this rumor about coke cola true?

Don't you think that if something as cheap and easy to buy as a soda caused something as serious as depression and mood swings that the government would be trying to outlaw that product?I mean-- th... Read More »

Dumbest rumor you've heard about yourself?

I actually love rumors, they tell me things that I didn't even know about myself. No, but really. A few years ago a rumor went around that I was in the witness protection program and that both my p... Read More »

Why did people spread the rumor about Louis tomlinson being gay?

It's all because of some "crazy" 1D fans, these "type" of fans want him and his band mate (Harry) to be together. When Louis is already dating someone (Eleanor). It's ridiculous, and some fans want... Read More »

I've heard a rumor about Chick-fil-a's new queer hatin' sandwich...?

I have heard the same thing. I doubt they will actually name it that. I am a gay man and I support chick fil a. I would NEVER want a business or person to change their views to conform. I would not... Read More »