If smoking was to be banned wat are the good and bad points about smoking being banned?

Answer That would be a dictatorshipI cant believe people would actually like to live in oneIt would not affect the black market anyway, so people will continue to smoke wether others like it or not

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What to do about my brother smoking?

YOU can't make him stop, nor can your parents. All you can do is express your concern, and let him know that the longer he smokes the harder it is to quit. Trust me, I started smoking at his age... Read More »

What do you think about cannabais smoking?

Personally, i think its fine, HEALTHY infact,Make it MANDATORY, itd stop all the aggression in the world! lolI have never seen two people on pot get in a fight because it is IMPOSSIBLE. "Hey, buddy... Read More »

What do you think about smoking weed ?

First off the people who answer to the negative about MJ are basing their opinion on false information the majority of the time. I do not live in the US but in Spain where personal consumption is ... Read More »

What would you like to say about smoking?

Agreed, smoking is injurious to health for not only those who smoke the also for the people around.