What about ikram butt personalty?

Answer confuse personalty

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What is the meaning of the name Ikram?

The name Ikram is of Arabic origin. The name roughly means "honor," "hospitality" and "generosity." The name is both masculine and feminine, meaning the name "Ikram" is appropriate for both males a... Read More »

What do you and Dad butt heads about, regarding baby?

My husband and I just butted heads last night......ugh.My 20 month old has decided that she wants to live in her pouch sling. Which would be fine, except I really need a carrier that would enable m... Read More »

Question about my butt?

Hey Christine,I sounds like you might be retaining water and your glutes is probably the area that fluctuates for you... most people is their stomach when retaining water... Things that affect it i... Read More »

Guys always talking about my butt..?

get a boob job so ur boobs are bigger than ur sexay ***...