What about child safety a three year old when they get out of bed at night?

Answer Get 2 montion dectors hook it up to the door frame and set it at waste hi and hook the other one up on the top door frame and have it going down. all else fails get some guards or something hi-tech.

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What year did child safety seat laws go into effect?

Washington State was the first state to pass a child safety seat law in the year 2000. Other states quickly followed and adopted the mandatory use of child safety restraints. As of the year 2010, a... Read More »

Can a single parent get in trouble for leaving their 11-15 year old mentally ill-ed child home alone while they work at night?

If they won't let you live on your own, it stands to reason that they aren't going to approve your emancipation. You will have to convince the court (if emancipation is allowed in your state) that ... Read More »

Is it considered child abuse if a father allows his 15-year-old daughter to drive alone at night and she is stopped by the police?

I don't think this is a form of child abuse but it is an act of stupidity if the father knowingly allowed his child to drive without a licensed driver. But, if the girl had said that she and an old... Read More »

If one year after a one night stand the paternity test results come out what can the woman do to protect full custody of her child if the man lives out of state?

Answer Where the involved parties live is usually not relevant when it pertains to custodial rights. The biological father has a legal right after paternity is established, to file a petition for e... Read More »