Health about Alcohol and I dont know anything about Alchohol?

Answer 1. pathway when injested takes its course like any other liquid in the body. 2. pretty much all your organs are affected mostly liver because its the filter for the body.3. the BAC is the Blood Alc... Read More »

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What is so bad about not drinking alcohol?

Unfortunatley hun that is the sort of society we live in today, most people label teenagers and put them all into one group of hoodies, drunks, smokers, druggies etcWhat people don't realise is tha... Read More »

What Does Proof Mean When Talking About Alcohol?

Go into a liquor store and you will find various proofs of liquor, depending on the bottle of spirits. Proof is simply a way of explaining how much alcohol is in a beverage. Does th... Read More »

Are there alcohol brands w/ female names Theres Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo for guys, but what about girls?

Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo, Hiram Walker, Jim Beam, and so forth are all named after the original distillers, and as there weren't very many female business owners at the time most of these things c... Read More »

About Rubbing Alcohol?

Isopropol alcohol can provide a several of benefits for a variety of conditions and household problems. While most of the uses for isopropol alcohol are not listed on the manufacturer's label, Read... Read More »