What was a show that was on TV around 1995 about three girls where each wore a different colour Blue Pink and Purple The blue girl had a big blue bobcat and the purple girl had a horse?

Answer Yes

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What are the facts about life for a girl?

1. Cropped tops makes you look fat2. Boys think cropped tops are ugly on girls3. Boys think fat is beautiful and skinny like models is ugly4. If your father/dad says you are fat it really just mean... Read More »

What should a 8 yr. old girl do to make about $200 .?

Look, i'm 9 and i'm DYING to make buy wat i want. It's complecated but it's 4 a good reason so if she wants to make $200, let her.

What do you think about this girl pic?

She really shouldn't be wearing her hair pulled back that tight. It creates tension which blocks the pours. That's why she's got some light pattern dryness around her scalp.I don't think she's po... Read More »

What was the movie in ABC Family about a girl who is in gymnastics?