What do girls think about men in pink shirts?

Answer Can't stand it. I wouldn't be seen dead in pink. It's poofy. A female mate of mine, who's very fashion conscious, says that pink is the new man's colour, and she's even managed to persuade her b/f,... Read More »

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Is it best to paint ur room pink with pink carpet and pink bed covers?

My bf cam in me about 11 times in about 8 days..the next day i started my period.but it was less blood and mostly pink.i usaully dont have cramps but this time was really bad.Should i be worried im P?

Answer you should be very worried. go check yourself out yo.

I just moved in the apartment. the bathroom is all pink:tiles, toilet, sink. what color rug is good with pink?

How do you feel about guys wearing Pink?

Yes, my guy looks smokin' in a pink button-down! And my teen has a t-shirt, which he loves to wear, that is pink and says, "Don't laugh...I got this shirt from YOUR girlfriend!"(BTW, he's a seriou... Read More »