What is so great about MySpace O_o?

Answer *shrugs* i have no idea XP and i dont know why but some people stereotype people who use myspace...i dont have one..just friendster..but i barely use it now.Edit: lol i expected that thumbs downEdi... Read More »

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What is so good about myspace?

no idea i think most people use it because their friends have it so they have one tooand some people use it to meet new people

What do you think about myspace?

I love it.I dont know what I would do with out it! Its addicting but its like a lil community! I LOVE it. Anyone who doesnt needs to make a myspace!

Myspace what do you guys think about it?

Hate it, don't use it...just peek at my girls from time to time to see what's up with people we know.

What do you think about myspace for a 12 year old 7th grade girl?