Facts About Clothing in China?

Answer In China, a distinctive traditional dress is still worn by many at formal occasions. However, for everyday life, clothing has been modernized and, in many circles, westernized to make it more pract... Read More »

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How do you feel about Yard Sale for China Adoption?

Excuse me while I go vomit.How do I feel about it? I feel disgusted. Reading most of these answers only adds to my nausea. "Do you know how much it costs to adopt from China?" Um...yeah. So? If you... Read More »

Question for Australians about the influence of China down under?

I don't see the problem we also have a huge Japanese interest in Australia are we forgetting in our recent history they attacked us and we fought a war against them.So if we can make friends and t... Read More »

Where do I search "strait" facts about Tiananmen Square Massacre while living in China?

Doglover is partly right.The "Tiananmen square" massacre is named so because it is the foci point of events, this is much like the battle of bunker hill, USA June 17, 1775, which was peripherally i... Read More »

Might be a silly question, but I'm being serious: Do you ever worry about your vibrators made in China?

There are "green" sex toys that can be purchased online. In the meantime, the backside of a vibrating toothbrush can be used on your clit (I don't want you to suffer while waiting for the delivery).