What do you feel about a warm, Southern breakfast?

Answer Although I love fresh-made biscuitsi, ham, bacon and just about everything else you've listed, what happened to my all-time breakfast favorite? Grits and eggs. The yolks runny and with a goodly a... Read More »

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I only have about 15 minutes for breakfast in the morning. What are some quick, inexpensive, and HEALTHY foods?

yogurt or fruit or special K ceareal or other healthy cereal or those healthy cereal bars =] whole weat toast with jelly is good too!

Is cereal a healthy but boring form of breakfast What would you do to spice up a cereal breakfast?

Cereal is yummy! Special K is my favorite. Most of my friends like the sugar stuff, like frosted flaked, Reese Puffs, Lucky Charms. I've never really liked sugary cereals. Healthy cereals are actua... Read More »

Breakfast at McDonald's Or Breakfast at Burger King Which do you like better?

mcdonalds becasue their hash browns are way better and their food is def. warmer and their food is just better im lovin it

I spilled some of my Apple Jacks in the toilet during breakfast. Should I worry about it clogging the pipes?

Apple Jacks can become Explosive when mixed with the proper chemicals, some of which, are flushed down the toilet. I would call the Police Bomb Squad and have them come and investigate.