What a url for tumbler?

Answer When you sign up for tumblr, it automatically asks you to make a URL. If you would like to change your URL, go to Customize -> Info -> URL. You can change it to whatever you please from there.

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What is tumbler i think i going to get it?

A tumbler is a drinking glass, or a gymnast. Tumblr is a photo-sharing site.

What Is a Bath Tumbler?

Although "tumbler" seems an unlikely name for a cup or a drinking glass, that is exactly what it is. In the housewares industry, the term "tumbler" refers specifically to a tall glass that does not... Read More »

How to Compost in a Tumbler?

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How to Buy a Compost Tumbler?

Compost is a rich fertilizing substance developed from kitchen garbage, yard waste and manure. You may not speed up composting if you buy a compost tumbler, but using a compost tumbler is easier th... Read More »