What a good exercise?

Answer swim

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What is a good motivation for exercise?

uhmmmm...... =)here's some ways I can think of.-post pictures of models that are good looking and toned, and "skinny" EVERYWHERE. Preferably the refrigerator, and.. your bedroom door.-Maybe pl... Read More »

What is a good exercise program for back problems?

I like swimming, but it can require a lot of leg and ab strength, and if you have been out of the game for a while, that might be difficult to start with. I think that Winsdor Pilates should be def... Read More »

What are some good repitive songs for exercise?

What a great idea! I love it! Is there a place you could plug in a CD player? I would consider getting some CD's to play and sing along to. There are tons of wonderful children's artists that y... Read More »

Heart Question really Serious,.What Exercise is Good?

I have heart failure and experience what you are talking about. I have more swelling in my left leg because of a graft that was taken for a heart bypass operation.First and foremost, I recommend t... Read More »