What a SAS host adapter is used for?

Answer Connecting to SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) hard drives.This would normally only be used in file server machines or high end workstations.

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How to Install a Dynex IEEE1394 PCI Host Adapter to an HP Computer?

The Dynex IEEE1394 PCI host adapter is an internal expansion card that connects to a PCI slot inside your computer and provides three high-speed IEEEv1394 (FireWire) ports. You can use these ports ... Read More »

What is a USB adapter used for?

A universal serial bus technology adapter is used to connect other electronic devices to a personal computer or a laptop computer. Examples of devices that are commonly connected to computers with ... Read More »

What is a SanDisk SD adapter used for?

A SanDisk SD adapter is used for transferring files quickly between a cell phone and a PC via the SD card. An SD card is inserted into the adapter, and the SD adapter plugs directly into a PC's US... Read More »

What is a wireless adapter used for?

A wireless adapter connects a computer to a wireless network to share Internet access and transfer files. It is necessary to have an adapter that is compatible with your wireless router.References:... Read More »