What a SAS host adapter is used for?

Answer Connecting to SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) hard drives.This would normally only be used in file server machines or high end workstations.

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How to Install a Dynex IEEE1394 PCI Host Adapter to an HP Computer?

The Dynex IEEE1394 PCI host adapter is an internal expansion card that connects to a PCI slot inside your computer and provides three high-speed IEEEv1394 (FireWire) ports. You can use these ports ... Read More »

Set Up a Network Between Host PC and Guest PC in Virtual PC 2007 Using Loopback Adapter?

Using Loopback adapter to connect between Host PC and Guest PC in Virtual PC 2007. The example used with the host being a Windows Vista and the guest being a Windows XP.

I bought a sesame street music player and it has a jack but no adapter. How do you know which 9 volt adapter to use for it?

Can I use a 9.5 volt adapter insead of a 12volt required adapter. Will it work?

If something you have requires 12 volts to operate , a 2.5 volt drop may be to much of a voltage drop, depending upon what your talking about. If you have access to the manual of the device , look ... Read More »