What Year Was the First Volkswagen Beetle Made?

Answer The first Volkswagen Beetle debuted in Germany in 1938, right before the onset of World War II.Source:Volkswagen Vehicle Information

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When was the first Volkswagen Beetle made?

The first Volkswagen Beetle prototype was built in 1938; however, consumer production of the vehicle did not officially begin until July 11, 1941. The first Volkswagen Beetles were imported into th... Read More »

Do you think a Beetle Volkswagen is a good first car for a teen?

i worked at kragens and work on cars sometimes. volkswagens are like the first to break down all the time. and my co-worker bought one. she has problems. anyone with them has problems. a good car f... Read More »

When was the first VW Beetle made?

The first VW Beetle was made in 1938 in Germany. Volkswagen called it the Type 1, while the public called it the Beetle or Bug. It was produced until 2003 in some markets, although a New Beetle was... Read More »

What Is Done to My Volkswagen Beetle at the 45,000 Mile Service?

Routine car maintenance includes a series of oil changes, tire rotations and inspections that occur throughout the lifetime of your vehicle. The 45,000-mile service is a general inspection and tune... Read More »