What Year Did Galileo Invent the Thermoscope?

Answer According to the Astronomical Observatory of Padova, Galileo began work on a thermoscope in early 1600. In 1638, Benedetto Castelli wrote that he had seen Galileo holding an experimental thermoscop... Read More »

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What year did Galileo invent the thermometer?

Famous Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo Galilei invented his thermometer in 1593. He used a series of sealed glass containers, filled with additional containers holding liquids and attached... Read More »

Why did Galileo invent the thermometer?

People often credit Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) with inventing the first thermometer in approximately 1603. Whether he invented the thermometer himself or with the assistance or competition of othe... Read More »

When did Galileo invent the telescope?

Galileo Galilei did not invent the telescope, but instead, historical data proves Hans Lipperhey did in 1608. Lipperhey was the first person to apply for a patent for a telescope. However, Galileo ... Read More »

Who inspired Galileo to invent the telescope?

The Italian physicist, mathematician and astronomer Galileo Galilei was inspired to create his first telescope by the work of Hans Lippershey of the Netherlands. Lippershey's spyglass invention was... Read More »