What Would Cause a Laptop to Smoke?

Answer Your laptop computer is sealed at the factory and has very few moving parts. Why would a laptop suddenly begin to emit smoke? Regardless of the reason, you should not open the laptop or try to repa... Read More »

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What would cause white smoke to come out of my TV?

Ummmm, your TV is broken?!?! get it serviced.

What would cause a laptop not to charge?

we get this all the timea *lot* of the time its the power chord itself (that big "box" thing in the middle of the power chord - its an AC converter) --- replace that and voila!also.. the little jac... Read More »

Why would my laptop smoke?

What can cause a smoke detector false alarm?

Smoke detectors are a life-saving device that alert people to the danger of fire. However, sometimes a smoke detector can give a false alarm. This mainly occurs due to the age of the smoke detect... Read More »