What Would Cause My Thermostat to Break?

Answer The thermostat on a vehicle is the component that opens and closes to allow coolant to flow in and out of the engine. A thermostat remains closed while the engine is still cold; this keeps coolant ... Read More »

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What Would Cause Rear Coil Springs to Break?

Coil compression springs are the most widely used automotive suspension springs. They are open compression springs, meaning that they spaces between their coils when they are unloaded. They have ... Read More »

Would a bad thermostat cause an engine to use coolant?

On One Hand: Internal Leaks Cause Coolant UsageThe coolant must enter the engine's combustion chamber or lubrication system through an internal leak when a vehicle uses coolant. An internal coolant... Read More »

What would cause a new tooth to break out of your gums if you have had your wisdom teeth taken out already and are 26?

if you have another tooth pushing it out , and it the tooth is comming from a different spot. Answer It might be a surnumerary tooth - an extra wisdom tooth. But this should have been seen on a pan... Read More »

What is the easiest way to break your leg and what bone in it would break the easiest?