What Work Expenses Qualify as Income Tax Deductions?

Answer Federal tax laws provide an array of miscellaneous deductions for employees who incur expenses related to a trade or profession. In order to take the deduction, you must not receive reimbursement f... Read More »

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About Tax Deductions for Business Expenses?

Self-employed and small business owners can claim tax deductions for qualified business expenses. These tax deductions reduce the amount of taxable income reported and lower tax liability owed to t... Read More »

Can an unpublished writer claim tax deductions for writing expenses?

An unpublished writer may claim tax deductions for writing expenses. Writers will need to fill out a 1040 with the IRS and include a schedule C to show his business expenses and to file the appropr... Read More »

Does sick pay qualify as income for the earned income credit?

Sick pay does fall under earned income. The Internal Revenue Service allows two ways to make earned income: either someone you work for pays you or you work in your own business, so sick pay would ... Read More »

Would my whiskey purchases qualify as tax deductible business expenses?

It is strange that there are no alcoholics on Crete. Although we drink almost every day (even at work...somebody is always celebrating --over here we not only celebrate birthdays, but name days as... Read More »