What Will Kill a Tree Lilac?

Answer Colorful, fragrant lilacs add pinks, purples and whites to the landscape along with a pleasant, flowery aroma. Manicured and trimmed lilac bushes are ideal for hedges and borders. Some varieties ca... Read More »

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How do I kill lilac bushes?

Spray on HerbicideGet an herbicide that is rated to kill shrubs and brush. Mix the spray according to packaging instructions. Spray the unwanted lilac using the application rate suggested. Do not o... Read More »

How do I care for a lilac tree?

PlantingPlant lilacs in full sun, in moist but well-drained soil. If the choice is between clay and sandy, choose the sandier soil to ensure drainage. Do not plant lilacs in an established garden ... Read More »

How to Move a Lilac Tree?

Lilac trees are fragrant, attractive plants that add to home landscapes. The tree produces purple, pink and white flower blooms. The hardy trees may be transplanted when they are not receiving the ... Read More »

Lilac Tree Fertilizer?

Lilac trees produce large clusters of attractive white, purple or pink flowers each spring; the flowers release a fragrant smell that brings beneficial insects like bees and butterflies to the gard... Read More »