What Will Kill a Tree Lilac?

Answer Colorful, fragrant lilacs add pinks, purples and whites to the landscape along with a pleasant, flowery aroma. Manicured and trimmed lilac bushes are ideal for hedges and borders. Some varieties ca... Read More »

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Will vinegar kill a tree?

yes so never ever do it ,it makes the roots shrink up so no water can get in the tree so it will die of thirst.

What is the growth rate of a Japanese lilac tree?

The Japanese lilac tree will grow between 12 and 18 inches a year. If it is cared for properly, the tree will grow up to 30 feet tall and can live for nearly 100 years.Source:About Lilacs: Japanese... Read More »

Will weed killer kill an apple tree?

Some weed-killers are designed to work "only" against some plants or family of plants. Other weed-killers are just general killers and kill all plants. This including trees. If you are uncertain ... Read More »

How do I kill lilac bushes?

Spray on HerbicideGet an herbicide that is rated to kill shrubs and brush. Mix the spray according to packaging instructions. Spray the unwanted lilac using the application rate suggested. Do not o... Read More »