What Will Happen to the Autoworkers?

Answer The story of autoworkers is one of both triumph and despair. The explosive growth in automotive manufacturing after World War II brought steady jobs to many Americans, but eventually the growth in ... Read More »

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What will happen to your computer screen if you leave it on all night and what will happen to the computer it?

Its OK to do this every once in a while but regular occurrences will lead to screen burn which will ruin your Monitor, over-heating which will burn the elements in your fan and general scorching of... Read More »

I accidently floded my bathroom, will the tiles get moldy what will happen?

The tiles will be okay, but any areas around them may grow mould, particularly the grout. Many grout types are porous and will need to be sealed with an epoxy coating to protect it from water.If an... Read More »

What will happen if there will be no planning in terms of having children?

Then you could end up having one child a year. It depends on how often you choose to have sex and the chance of getting pregnant. Just like it was for women in the old days.

What will happen if I will put my computer in the fridge as a way of cooling the hardware?

Contrary to what most people are saying in here, a fridge is low humidity. Check with a hygrometer if you don't believe me. The condensation most people associate with a fridge is when a cold item ... Read More »