What Will Happen if Two Battery Cables Touch?

Answer To understand what happens when battery cables touch, you need to know about the flow of electric current. In any circuit external to a battery, direct current flows from the positive post of the b... Read More »

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Does filling then draining your iPod Touch battery improve battery life?

There is no proof that filling and then draining your iPod Touch battery improves battery life. To improve battery life, power your iPod off when not in use, and do not use features that require a ... Read More »

How to Know If Your Battery Cables Are Bad?

Many car owners have had problems starting their car with what appears to be a dead or weak battery, only to have the battery tested and told that it is in good condition. Sometimes this symptom is... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Battery Cables?

Battery cables are used to transmit power from the battery to the various electrical components in the vehicle. Technically speaking, the alternator is connected to the battery, which in turn power... Read More »

How to Install Battery Cables?

When a car won't start, you can usually blame the battery. A battery can have a few things wrong with it that won't allow it to keep a charge, or the connections to the battery can be faulty. Follo... Read More »