What Will Happen If Sunflower Oil Is Mixed With Gasoline?

Answer If you mix a little gasoline with sunflower oil, you will turn the gasoline into diesel. Sunflower oil is used to make bio-diesel fuel by mixing it with gasoline or ethanol.

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What Does Sugar Mixed in Gasoline Do to a Car Engine?

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What would happen if i mixed chemicals?

Are you actually serious? Many of those are poisonous and could kill you if you breath the fumes when they are mixed. If you actually drank it it would almost definitely kill you.DONT DO IT!!!

If you mixed Coca-Cola with pepsi, what will happen?

You will have mixed Coca-Cola with Pepsi. Congratulations.

What would happen if I mixed up the hot and neutral wires on a garbage disposal?

If you know which one is ground, use a voltmeter to find the hot wire. About the worse thing that will happen if you mix them up is to pop a circuit breaker.