What Will Happen If I Do Not Pay My Condo Dues?

Answer Failing to pay condo dues can have serious consequences for a condo owner. Condo associations use the funds collected from dues in a variety of ways. Dues often pay for general maintenance, major r... Read More »

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How can you prevent your payments on condo association dues being applied to late fees instead of dues?

Review your governing documents to determine when late fees are charged. When you pay your assessments on time, there is no late fee; when you pay your assessments late, you pay a late fee.Late fee... Read More »

What is the procedure for a condominium association to file a lien a condo for montly dues on a condo that the bank is foreclosing on?

Overall, every state handles these matters differently from every other state. You need a condominium-savvy attorney to help you recover this debt at this late date. Effectively, a lien must be fi... Read More »

If you do not pay your condo dues are you still a condo association member?

Yes. Your membership in your condominium association, which is the business chartered with the tasks involved with 'protecting, preserving and maintaining' the real estate assets you own in common... Read More »

What is the time limit on back condo dues?

Usually, there is no limit. Monthly assessments pay for the operation of the community's real estate. Those bills have been paid. Owners who paid their assessments contributed to paying your debt.... Read More »