What Were the Tools to Mummify an Ancient Egyptian Mummy?

Answer Mummification was the ancient Egyptian practice of embalming and preparing a body for the grave, from which it was believed the dead person would enter into an afterlife. Mummification was carried ... Read More »

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Ancient Egyptian Agriculture Tools?

The ancient Egyptians made huge technological advances for mankind in a variety of fields, including agricultural practices. Growing crops was such an important part of the Egyptian way of life th... Read More »

Ancient Egyptian Mathematical Tools?

Ancient Egyptians designed the burial tombs of the Pharaohs called pyramids. These are considered great mathematical feats by many people and they are an example of the complex mathematical knowled... Read More »

How tall were ancient Egyptian people?

Archaeological evidence studied by Zahi Hawass suggests that the average person in ancient Egypt was between 5 feet 7 inches and 6 feet tall. This estimate is based primarily on measuring bones tak... Read More »

Why did they mummify bodies in ancient Egypt?

Bodies were mummified in ancient Egypt because they believed that the dead person could use their bodies again in the afterlife. Only those who could afford the mummification process would be mummi... Read More »