What Were the Duties of a King in the Assyrian Empire?

Answer The Assyrian empire first emerged in 14th century B.C. and lasted until the seventh century B.C., covering a territory that is now northern Iraq. Historical records of the Assyrian empire focus on... Read More »

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Were the assyrian army the first large army to use iron weapons?

What were a Buffalo Soldier's duties?

The term Buffalo Soldiers was a nickname that referred to six regular army regiments made up entirely of African Americans. Created by the 39th Congress in 1866, the 9th and 10th cavalry and the 38... Read More »

What Were the Duties of the Secular Clergy?

According to the Catholic encyclopedia, New Advent secular clergies, or secular priests, perform the duties of priests or deacons, though they not ordained by religion. They are bound by canon laws... Read More »

What Were the Responsibilities of a King in Medieval Times?

In the middle ages, being a king was no easy chore. Medieval kings were not only combating adversaries of their kingdoms but were also responsible for protecting the rights of their own subjects. R... Read More »