What Video Card does the Dell XPS 430 come with?

Answer It doesn't, they offer an option."XPS 430:Mainstream and high end graphics options from ATI"

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Does the Dell Inspiron I530 come with a wireless card?

The Dell Inspiron I530 Desktop series, which includes the I530-115B, I530-120B, and the I530-119B among others, does not include a wireless card. You can add a wireless card via the PCI expansion s... Read More »

What kind of video card does a dell dimension 8200 take?

The Dell Dimension 8200 computer is compatible with an AGP video card. There are three versions of AGP sockets and they supply different voltages to the card. Installing a new video card will lead ... Read More »

Is the video card integrated with the motherboard in a dell d800?

The Dell Latitude D800 does not have an integrated video adapter. The video card can be removed and upgraded. Compatible video cards for the Latitude D800 include the NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5200 and ... Read More »

Does Microsoft Money come with a Dell computer?

No, Microsoft Money does not come installed on Dell computers. Microsoft has discontinued the financial software program and stopped selling it on June 30, 2009. Dell sells a number of other financ... Read More »