What Video Card does the Dell XPS 430 come with?

Answer It doesn't, they offer an option."XPS 430:Mainstream and high end graphics options from ATI"

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Can you upgrade a video card on a Dell laptop?

The video card is responsible for the graphics you view on your computer. If you own a Dell laptop, you can indeed upgrade the video card on your computer. You do, however, need some expertise to d... Read More »

Which video card is used on a Dell Latitude c840?

The Dell Latitude C840 is a laptop that comes with a built-in video card. By default, it uses a NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go with 32 MB of video memory installed into an AGP x4 video card slot.Source:Dea... Read More »

How do i upgrade the video card in a dell latitude d300xt?

Open the computer case. There are tabs on the top and bottom of the computer case that must be depressed. Pull the two halves of the case apart.Locate the video card within the computer. It is loc... Read More »

What kind of video card does a dell dimension 8200 take?

The Dell Dimension 8200 computer is compatible with an AGP video card. There are three versions of AGP sockets and they supply different voltages to the card. Installing a new video card will lead ... Read More »