What Varmints Eat Crawfish?

Answer Crawfish are one of the most common freshwater crustaceans in the world. Resembling small lobster or crabs, they are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. Crawfish aquaculture is the ... Read More »

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Can you use frozen crawfish for a crawfish boil?

Crawfish---also known as crayfish---are best when served fresh, but frozen varieties can be used for a boil if you are unable to get live or recently caught shellfish. Thaw the frozen crawfish in a... Read More »

How to Keep Birds and Varmints out of Your Organic Garden?

When you are growing an organic garden, you can't use pesticides to keep out pests! Though you may not be able to keep out everything, you can certainly keep out some things!

Gardeners or others - Beside possum what other varmints have you gotten drunk trying to kill slugs with beer?

Skunks, 2 of them one time. It was really funny, skunks are so damned cute anyway.{{RScott}}

How to Eat a Crawfish?

Isn't he cute...It is very easy to peel a crawfish, just learn these very simple steps. And remember, practice makes perfect!