What Units Are Used to Measure Weight in the Metric System?

Answer Invented in 1670, the metric system used nature to derive the basic units for each type of measurement. French vicar Gabriel Mouton proposed a universal system that is still used in most countries ... Read More »

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What Are the Differences Between the Customary Units of Measure & the Metric System?

Measurement systems have existed since the early Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. Systems were created because of the need for uniformity and consistency in describing the length, weight an... Read More »

What Are the Units for Weight in the Metric System?

The metric system is a system of measurements officially adopted in all but a handful of countries, among them the United States and United Kingdom. Even in these countries, however, it is used for... Read More »

How to Measure in Metric Units on a Calculator?

Prior to the creation of the metric system of measurement in the 1790's, units of measurement varied between countries and regions. The metric system is the standard throughout most of the world. I... Read More »

How to Convert Units to the Metric System?

People throughout most of the world use metric units when they measure things. Notable exceptions where people do not are in Britain and the United States. In Britain, the Imperial System is used; ... Read More »