What Unhealthy Things Are in School Lunches?

Answer Encouraging your children to eat a well-rounded, healthy diet ensures that they receive enough nutrition to grow properly. However, unhealthy additives, chemicals and other ingredients can lurk ins... Read More »

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Are school lunches unhealthy for you?

Depends, do you live in a 3rd world location where they still feed their kids junk food, yet still somehow expect them to be alert enough in the afternoon to learn? If so, then yes.If you live som... Read More »

What is really in school lunches?

The National School Lunch Program, a federal meal program operating in more than 100,000 schools nationwide, provides lunches to millions of students. Although the meals are supposed to meet feder... Read More »

What are some different ideas for school lunches?

Make you own style of burgers and subs, salads, instant meals, heat and eats.Sandwiches are my favourites, just look for interesting fillings, and a variety each day rather than the same thing day ... Read More »

What are some easy and yummy lunches for school?

You could pack little containers of condiments so sandwich breads don't get soggy.Mains:Wraps are great! Pasta Salad! Yogurt with granola and fruit/berries made into a parfait.Grilled Chicken Caesa... Read More »