What USB port on the back of my computer do I hook my printer to?

Answer Well you should be able to hook it into any of the USB ports.if you her something like DA-DA (musical) then the pc recognized itif you here something like DA-DO then it has been disconnectedif you ... Read More »

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No LPT port on my PC - how can I hook an LPT printer to it?

You can get a converter. SABRENT 5ft. USB to Parallel ( Printer IEEE 1284 ) Cable Model SBT-UPPC -$8.99…Good luck and Happy Computing!

What port in the back of a PC is most likely used for a printer?

Most printers connect to the computer via a universal serial bus (USB) port. USB ports are flat, have no visible pin holes and are approximately a half-inch long. Early computers used 25-pin parall... Read More »

How do I Hook Up a Lexmark Z82 Printer to an HP TouchSmart Computer?

The HP TouchSmart line of computers is a standard desktop computer that comes with a keyboard and mouse, but the entire screen is a touchscreen, allowing you to make selections with your fingers. H... Read More »

Can I hook up an old printer to my new computer Will it be compatible?

It depends. If it has a USB connection then it will be fine. If it uses the old parallel type connection, then you'll have to check the back of your PC and see if there is a place to plug it in. ... Read More »