Reasons for Borders Between States?

Answer Borders between American states range from straight lines with square corners to seemingly arbitrary squiggles. Though it may seem that state legislators drew borders on a whim, many state borders ... Read More »

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How long are state borders?

State borders can be anywhere from 1.4 miles to 715.4 miles. The smallest border divides New Jersey and Delaware, and the largest border divides Texas and Oklahoma. Some states, such as Arizona a... Read More »

What state is northwest&borders canada?

There are several northwestern states on the United States-Canada border. They are Washington state and Idaho (which border the Canadian province of British Columbia) and Montana (which borders Bri... Read More »

Does federal law prohibit shipping liquor across state borders?

Section 1716 of Title 18 prohibits shipping "intoxicating liquors of any kind" through the mail. Although the chapter in which the law appears is dedicated to the United States Postal Service, it c... Read More »

Is a passport needed to fly state to state in the United States?

A passport is required to enter the United States from a foreign country, regardless of whether you are an American citizen. Once you have entered the country, traveling from state to state require... Read More »