What Types of Things React to Black Light?

Answer Black light, or ultraviolet (UV) light, sends a form of electromagnetic radiation out from the bulb when you turn the power on. The only visible part of the spectrum that comes from black light is ... Read More »

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How Do You Make Things Glow Under a Black Light?

MaterialsPick items that will brightly fluoresce, or glow, under a black light. Cotton clothing, white paper, Vaseline and laundry detergent will all show up under a black light. Some minerals glow... Read More »

How to React if Your Car's Brake Light Comes On?

Your brake light is on with no good reason... or so it seems. Have you been driving with the hand brake on? Are you low on brake fluid? If the answer is yes, heed our tips below.

Why does an earthworm react to light?

Earthworms spend most of their existence buried underground, sheltered from sunlight. When an earthworm emerges into daylight, it will react to the light.IdentificationAn earthworm senses changes i... Read More »

How do plants react to light?

Light is essential to plants, and they react to it by bending or leaning towards it as they grow. This process is called phototropism, which simply means the growth of a plant in the direction of i... Read More »