What Types of Statistical Analysis Are in Research Projects?

Answer While gathering data is important for a research study, even more important are the statistical tests used to analyze the data. Without analysis, the data are meaningless. With incorrect analysis, ... Read More »

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Research & Statistical Analysis Methods?

Research falls into two major categories: primary research and secondary research. Primary research involves experimentation or surveys to gather data and interpret it, while secondary research dea... Read More »

What Types of Data Are Used for Statistical Analysis?

Statistical analysis is used for two main purposes. First, researchers can use statistical analysis to generate hypotheses about the population from which the data was sampled. Second, researchers ... Read More »

Types of Business Analysis Statistical Studies?

Companies use several types of statistical analytical tools to get closer to their customers. The company is able to understand the tastes and preferences of its customers better. Through these stu... Read More »

Types of Research Analysis and Descriptive Study?

Types of research analysis and descriptive studies are quantitative experiments, quasi-experiments, co-relational studies and comparison studies. Quantitative research yields volumes of descriptive... Read More »