What Types of Soil Do Cacti Need?

Answer Cactus plants require only minimal maintenance when grown in pots since they rarely need to be watered or pruned. Providing them with the best-quality soil further ensures the cactus grows well wit... Read More »

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Types of Globose Cacti?

Cacti grow in a number of different forms. Some, such as saguaros, have a tree-like form. Two other possibilities include the bushy and columnar forms, exemplified by the prickly pear (Opuntia spec... Read More »

How many types of cacti are there?

There are something on the order of 2,000 different species of cactus. Those plant taxonomists who identify them are still sorting a few out, but that number is close. Links can be found below to c... Read More »

What Are 4 Types of Soil?

Soil, the grainy, moist earth beneath your feet, has many descriptions, like airy, light, heavy or drying. Soil contains crushed rocks, gravel and nutrients. Various soils have different sized mine... Read More »

What Soil Types Are in Nebraska?

The state of Nebraska consists of mountains, prairies and rolling hills. The type of soil found varies between sand, silt and clay, depending on the area. Some areas contain a mixture of clay and s... Read More »