What Types of Photons Are There?

Answer If you're unfamiliar with the term "photon," learning about it will alter the way you view light around you. The key thing to know about photons is that, although they come in many different wavele... Read More »

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What Happens With Photons in Space?

Light is composed of photons. Photons are tiny bits of energy contained within electric and magnetic fields that sustain each other --- forever, unless something happens to them. In outer space, ou... Read More »

How to Convert Photons to Joules?

A photon is a singular particle of light. Photons are miniscule and move incredibly quickly. A joule is a measurement of energy. Each tiny photon contains a certain amount of energy that can be cal... Read More »

How to Learn How to Derive a Mathematical Expression for the Entropy of an Ideal Gas of Photons?

This article shows the details of the mathematical derivation of the entropy of an ideal gas of photons based on the equation of forces that govern the equations of motion of photons.

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