What Types of Paleontologists Are There?

Answer The University of California's Museum of Paleontology defines paleontology as the study of what fossils reveal about the ecologies of the past, evolution and the place of humans in the world. The v... Read More »

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How do paleontologists date fossils?

There are two general categories paleontologists can use to date fossils. Absolute dating methods involve measuring radioactive elements and can give us the actual age of an object. Relative dating... Read More »

How Much Money Do Paleontologists Make?

Paleontologists are geoscientists who unearth and study the fossilized remains of extinct animals and plants. They seek to understand the origins and evolution of life on Earth, investigating fossi... Read More »

How do index fossils help paleontologists?

Index fossils are fossilized remains of animals or plants which represent a specific time period in the history of Earth. Paleontologists use index fossils to help date unidentified fossils.History... Read More »

How Do Paleontologists Remove Fossils From Rocks?

When paleontologists find a fossil, their first step is to prevent damage to it when they remove it from the rocky matrix. Paleontologists have ways to remove the fossil to ensure that it will rem... Read More »