What Types of Jobs & Careers Make $100,000 or More Per Year?

Answer Besides pursuing a career path as a lawyer or medical practitioner, there are several jobs and careers that have the potential to pay annual salaries of $100,000 or more. Many of these careers do n... Read More »

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What are some Jobs 13 year olds can do to make 20 Dollars?

i don't think there is anywhere that you can legally work at 13. I would say maybe mow lawns,babysit, or maybe even walk dogs in your neighborhood (thats what i did for awithle) Im 15 and still wai... Read More »

What are some "hippie" or alternative lifestyle type jobs/careers?

You know..., you're kinda stereotyping.Broad generalizations are often no-no's; as a Black person I have to suffer from others generalizing about me b4 getting to even know me.

Jobs & Careers in Banking?

Jobs in the banking industry can include positions at commercial banks, credit unions and savings and loans. The banking industry serves consumers and businesses by providing loans, managing checki... Read More »

Non CDL Driving Jobs & Careers?

Many careers are available in which drivers operate vehicles to transport people, cargo, packages and other materials. A driver, such as a heavy truck driver or a bus driver, needs a commercial dri... Read More »