What Types of Fruit Can You Mix With Milk Kefir?

Answer Kefir, a fermented milk drink, originated in Turkey where it has been used for centuries. Natives carried the fermented milk in leather pouches and ate the curdled yogurt. Kefir comes in two forms:... Read More »

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How to make kefir with fruit juice?

I'm not sure that your grains will be usable after that. Have you ever used a ginger bug? I just started using one and it is pretty simple. You can make carbonated "soda" with just juice and a litt... Read More »

How to Make Kefir From Goat's Milk?

Kefir is a milk product similar in taste and texture to traditional yogurt. It's made by mixing active kefir grains, usually referred to as cultures, with fresh milk that goes through a brief perio... Read More »

Does kefir milk have more benefits than whey protein?

On One Hand: Benefits of KefirKefir is an easily digestible enzyme-rich food, similar to yogurt. It contains micro-organisms that help with digestion. In particular, kefir contains "good" bacteria ... Read More »

How to Make Fruit Milk Drinks?

This is a great low-calorie drink. That is great drink right after you get out of the bath.