What Types of Frogs Live in a Brackish Marsh?

Answer Most frogs live in fresh water. However, there are frogs that can tolerate living in brackish water. These are places where the fresh water from rivers or runoffs mix with the estuarine saltwater f... Read More »

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Types of Frogs That Live in Michigan?

A majority of the 3,400 species of frogs and toads worldwide are found in the tropics. Although Michigan plays host to a handful of these species, they are an important part of the wildlife found ... Read More »

Types of Marsh Grass Species?

Marshes are wetland areas that are regularly or continuously filled with water, whether salt or fresh. Most marshes support soft-stemmed vegetation that is specifically adapted to the saturated con... Read More »

Can spotted pictus catfish live in brackish water?

The pH of brackish water is between 7.5 and 8.5. The optimum pH for a pictus catfish's survival is between 5.8 and 7.2. As a result, a pictus catfish would be unlikely to survive in brackish water.... Read More »

What Types of Frogs Are in Washington State?

Located in the Northwestern U.S., Washington is a state that encompasses several climates, including a temperate rainforest. Various types of frogs can be found across these climates, including the... Read More »