What Types of Flowers Do Monarch Butterflies Eat?

Answer Adult monarchs don't eat flowers but drink liquid nectar, a sugary substance made by flowers. The monarch butterfly--like other butterflies--is built to drink liquids. Its mouth, called a proboscis... Read More »

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Where do monarch butterflies live?

The monarch butterfly's habitat covers almost all of North America, except for the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. It is also found in South America and has been established in Australia and Hawaii.S... Read More »

How long do adult monarch butterflies live?

The average adult monarch butterfly lives between four and five weeks. The exception is what the World Wildlife Fund calls the "Methuselah generation." Each autumn, some monarch butterflies are bor... Read More »

Flowers That Butterflies Like?

Butterfly gardens are particularly fun to create because the flowers are extremely fragrant and unique. Once they have matured and the plants are in full bloom, many different varieties of butterfl... Read More »

How do butterflies pollinate flowers?

Butterflies are an important component of plant ecosystems, pollinating flowers as they fly about. According to the North American Butterfly Association, butterflies prefer certain flowers and thus... Read More »