What Types of Compounds Are Formed by Technetium?

Answer Technetium is a radioactive metallic element that does not occur naturally on earth but is found in stellar matter. It was the first man-made element created in 1937 by the bombardment of molybden... Read More »

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How many compounds are known to man?

Man has discovered and named about 30 million chemical compounds, all made from the approximately 120 chemical elements currently known. Chemical compounds based on hydrogen and carbon atoms are ca... Read More »

Compounds That Contain Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a very reactive nonmetal capable of behaving like both a cation or an anion in a compound. A cation is a neutral atom that has lost one or more electrons in the process of bonding and ... Read More »

5 Common Compounds With Tin?

Tin is a fairly common metal in the Earth's crust and is used for a whole range of applications, principally for combining with and coating other metals to improve their usability and prevent corro... Read More »

What Are the Compounds in Detergent?

Detergents are a class of compounds used for the purposes of cleaning. They are available in liquid and solid forms and can be used to clean a multitude of items, like windows and dishes, or they c... Read More »