What Type of vintage Camera and Projector to buy?

Answer No vintage camera will allow your husband to put video on the computer - especially not in the format or resolution he will want to use. Your best bet is to get him the best professional camcorder... Read More »

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I want to buy a projector. Which type is better nowadays: LCD or DLP?

Trust me when I tell you that getting a DLP projector is a better buy. Not only do I work with them but I used to build the chipsets for both technologies. The finished DLP product will be more ver... Read More »

What is the value of a vintage Nikon EM SLR camera?

Where can I buy a vintage Polaroid camera?

You can find all sorts of Polaroid cameras here:… I recommend getting one of the cameras under the "300/Instax" category. Get the wide if camera size i... Read More »

I want a cool vintage camera!?

Four cools in six lines. Don't you know any other adjectives? How long would it take you to explain what you mean when you write/say "cool"? I'm not having a go at you I just wonder why so many pe... Read More »