What Type of Wild Rabbits Are in Maryland?

Answer Maryland is home to numerous small mammal species, including two varieties of wild rabbit. Both are types of cottontail, the eastern and Appalachian varieties. Cottontail rabbits are often hunted f... Read More »

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Can wild rabbits be white?

A wild rabbit's fur is well-adapted to camouflaging with its native habitat. In the northern regions of the world, rabbits in the winter will develop a white fur coat to blend in with the snow. The... Read More »

How to Feed Wild Rabbits?

When you see a rabbit in your yard, you might think,"AWH!" And want to feed it. That's cool.

How to Care for Wild Rabbits?

Many people wish to rehabilitate baby rabbits and keep them as pets. When dealing with wild animals, it is pertinent to remember safety; always keep your own health, as well as that of the animal, ... Read More »

Why do wild cottontail rabbits build a separate nest for babies?

Adult cottontail rabbits don't live in nests. They simply build them for their young. Since the mother often leaves the young for long periods of time, it gives a false impression she has a separat... Read More »