What Type of Volcano Has the Largest & Most Violent Eruptions?

Answer Volcanoes form when a crack occurs in the Earth's crust that extends from the surface to the molten mantle. Immense pressure present in the mantle forces magma through the crack, which erupts above... Read More »

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Facts on Volcano Eruptions for Kids?

An erupting volcano is one of nature's most spectacular and breathtaking events. Few things demonstrate the power of Earth's natural forces more vividly than a volcano's flying rocks, flowing lava... Read More »

Supplies for a Science Project on Volcano Eruptions?

You can easily give your young students a lot of joy and teach them about earth science by modeling a volcanic eruption in your classroom. The materials for the project are fairly simple and can be... Read More »

How have past volcano eruptions affected the surrounding area?

How have past eruptions in the san cristobal volcano affected the sorrounding area?